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Principal's Corner

Principal's Message

On behalf of the administration and staff, I welcome you to the most recent school year at our School.  We are dedicated to providing you with a well-rounded and academically rigorous experience throughout your high school career. Over the past half-century, we have educated and nurtured generations of hardworking, ethical, and successful students.  That tradition continues with you.

The educational system in this County is undergoing a period of unprecedented flux and change. In the midst of this, the staff and I are committed to providing a stable environment in which you will flourish. While many things have changes within our city, our reputation of discipline, respect, and success will not be one of them. Our goal is excellence, and our striving to reach this goal must be a cooperative effort.

Your success in school depends upon the enthusiasm of your principal, teachers, counselors and parents; however, you are the most important part of the equation. I urge you to actively involved in your own education, ask questions, set high goals, and study diligently. Take pride in your school and appreciate the people who support you. Take advantage of the growth opportunities in this dynamic period in our history. Be responsible for your success.

In your student handbook is the ultimate source of information regarding school policies, regulations, procedures, and services. You are responsible for the information presented within this book; read it carefully and share the information with your guardians. When this handbook does not give you the information you need, you should contact me, your counselor, or your teachers for help. I look forward to leading us through this historic school year and am delighted that you and your parents have chosen this School as your school.

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