How to check students, grades, attendance, and discipline
Tuesday, July 08, 2008
STI Home allows parents to have access to student's grades, attendance, and discipline records!
How to use STI Home

To access STI Home, click HERE or the STUDENT GRADES icon in the top left corner of this web page (under the picture of the school).  The STI Home page will open in a new window. 


1. Click on the state of Alabama.

2. Choose Mobile County Public School System as the District.

3.Click Submit. 

4.Choose Blount High School from the drop-down school list.

5.Click Submit. 

6. You will need to enter the Student ID and Pin Number which can be obtained from the main office. (221-3070)

7.Click Login to access your student's data.

***For more parent information, click the parent information link at the top of this page or here.***

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