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Blount High School's Allied Health Academy Receives Training With State of the Art Patient Simulator
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Thursday, August 21, 2014
ISTAN Patient Simulator
ISTAN Patient Simulator

Terria Moore, R.N., M.S. Health Science Specialist

Its’ heart beats. Its’ bowels gurgle. It breathes, bleed, cries and sweats. But don’t be fooled by its fluttering eyelids or the fact that it can talk: it’s not human. It’s ISTAN and Meti-Man Career and Technical Education’s newest patient simulators.

IStan is described as the most advanced patient simulator in the world. He has realistic skin, reactive eyes, a human-like airway, and makes patient sounds: his heart beats. He sweats, bleeds, has a pulse, and can even drool. The simulator is wireless, which means the instructor can observe from a different room. The student is alone with the patient, so it’s a more realistic situation.

The IStan and Meti-Man Wireless Simulators can be programmed to mimic just about any medical condition. Health Science teachers will use the wireless patient simulators to teach students how to measure vital signs, practice diagnosis, and more.

Although there’s no substitute for taking care of real people in health care, the human patient simulator makes it possible for students to deal with conditions they might never see during a clinical internship at a hospital.

When the teacher "makes IStan sick," the Health Science student gets to see (and feel) what it could be like when trying to assess a patient's symptoms. The student can put in a chest tube, do defibrillation, catheterization and even put in a needle intravenously. If the student does the right procedure, or even the wrong one, IStan will react.

MCPSS continues to promote College and Career Readiness by providing innovative real-world resources for its students.

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