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English 10


I am a product of the Mobile County Public School System.

High School:  John S. Shaw 1991-1995   Regular Diploma

College: Alabama A&M University 1995-2001  B.S. Secondary Education History and English


Name: Jameel Id-Deen

1.How long have you been a teacher? 5years.

2.What subject do you teach? English 10.

3.What made you become a teacher? I enjoy helping others and my high school principal suggested teaching.

4. If you weren't teaching what would you do? Something more creative like an artist or cartoonist.

5.What college did you attend? Alabama A&M University.

6.What kind of degree do you have? B.S. Secondary Education minors in history and English.

7.What do you enjoy doing outside of school? Traveling, sports,

reading ,chess,and movies.

8.What are your pet peeves? Selfish people and bullies.

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