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B.S. in Anthropology, 1976  University of Georgia

M.S. in Geology, 1979   University of Georgia

Alternative Certification in Education, 2006   Drexell University


Teacher Bio

1. Name Janet Clute

2. How long have you been a teacher?

          Has been teaching for 20 years

3. What subjects do you teach?

          Chem. I &II & Earth Science

4. What made you become a teacher?

I was forced to teach in graduate school and discovered it was fun!

5. If you weren't teaching what would you want to do?

          Work in a museum & travel more

6. What college did you attend?

          University of Georgia

7. What kind of degree do you have?

          BA. In Anthropology MS. in Geology

8. What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

          Biking, Kayaking, going to beach or hiking mountains

9. What are Your Pet Peeves?


10. How many more years do you plan on teaching?

     20 +

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